About the Group



Azur Group was founded in 2014 with the synergy created by three companies, each of whom are experts and successful in their fields. Batibeyler Construction and Exclusive Construction joined forces under the roof of Azur Group.

In a short time, Azur Group carried out the restoration services of factories, institutional buildings, health facilities, hotel constructions and historical buildings as well as building living areas in Turkey and abroad.

The group, serving in three main fields, has specialized in construction investments, touristic facility management and foreign trade. Azur Group that has many investment center in many countries such as Turkey, Austria, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, continues to expand its field of activity with its value creating structure.

Sharing a significant part of its earnings with our people within the scope of social responsibility projects, the group becomes hope for our youth and the future with Azur Foundation.

Azur Group is headquartered in Istanbul, to create value for Turkey, will continue to move up to the bar for success in international trade with the excitement and belief of the our first day ...