Social Responsibilities




World, will become beautifull only with goodness!

As Azur Group, we belive in power of goodness. We know that social balance, the unrest of the people of our age can only be cured by goodness. Because our forefathers walk through this way for centuries. We treated people fairly, rightly, truthfully, and we reached peace by doing kindness.

As Azur Group, we are trying to find solutions to our social problems in different areas with the Azur Foundation and we are trying to support them.

We provide scholarships and accommodation opportunities to hundreds of students to raise valuable young people.

- We support meetings, events and summits that benefit education and future generations.

- By cooperating with authorized institutions for the development and education of our children, we are helping in raising generations that will have a say in the future of our country with modern day nurseries.

- We know that social development depends on reading, learning and enlightenment. We have implemented our first library in Beylikduzu so that our people can easily access the book. More will come.

- We provide support to our families who have lost their jobs, income, and their order, until they gain their normal life again.

- We build mosques and educational institutions and offer them to our people under the control of our state.

- We support soup kitchens and charities and stand by our people in need.

As Azur Group, our most important activity in our services are the ones that we carry out by Azur Foundation. We believe that in this life, there is nothing more important then making someone happy and putting a smile on person's face.


Azur Grup Beylikdüzü Library

Education Summit Sponsorship